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The Sun aspecting the Ascendant brings the self-identity (symbolized by the Sun) in contact with the integrative function of the psyche and with the projection of your persona (both symbolized by the Ascendant).  A Sun-Ascendant aspect generally signifies the capacity or the need to integrate your identity with the rest of your psyche.  It may also indicate a heightened (or thwarted) capacity for integration, due to the central role that your identity plays in the psyche. 

A Sun-Ascendant contact also suggests that Solar qualities—such as strength of will, vitality, natural authority, etc.--will be prominent or lacking, depending upon the degree of successful integration (suggested by the aspect) and your level of consciousness.  Sun-Ascendant contacts, beyond the conjunction, may not be as significant as the conjunction and the strength of the typical dynamic may vary greatly and is likely to be affected by other patterns in the astrological chart.


                           CONJUNCT       SEXTILE           SQUARE


                                         TRINE             OPPOSED



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Sun conjunct Ascendant      Projection of the Identity/The Integrated Self

You are highly focused on your identity and you openly project your identity through your persona.  Your focus may be selfish or developmental and your style of projection may be domineering or inclusive.  You will tend toward the selfish/domineering end of this spectrum if you are self-centered and are not shy about letting the world know it.  You may feel that everything focuses on yourself.  This produces a strong persona that you actively project to gain social dominance and benefit for your ego.  If you are at the developmental/inclusive end of the spectrum, your focus will be on self-integration and self-actualization.  You will automatically project a positive energy, one that is highly attractive.  You are very open to others and to the world in general. 

The Sun conjunct the Ascendant may be in either the first or the twelfth house.  If in the first house, you are likely to display a stronger sense of self and to be more actively concerned with those issues that involve self-identity.  You are likely to project your personality in an active mode.  If in the twelfth house, you are likely to act from an introverted, or even a subconscious, place.  There will be things that are not directly projected and may remain hidden, even to you.  The process of integration is likely to take place on a more instinctual level, rather than being a conscious process (although you can certainly work to make the process a conscious one).

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Sun conjunct the Ascendant is actualized when you focus your attention on achieving a wholeness of spirit that is reflected in your personality.  Your goal has become the totally integrated self.  In order to integrate the self at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, you must raise your consciousness.  As your consciousness is raised and your personality is integrated into a whole, you will naturally project or radiate a strong, positive vibration.  If your Sun is in the first house, others are likely to perceive this vibration, as it will be associated with your persona.  If your Sun is in the twelfth house, the projection of this positive vibration may be more ubiquitous and less obviously originating from you.  You may also be perceived as more of a universal embodiment than an individual personality. 

Regarding the integrating process, you have a profound commitment to the integration of the self.  For those with Sun in the first house, this commitment is apt to be personal and focused on the problem of identity.  For those with Sun in the twelfth house, the integrative process is most likely to be seen by you in cosmic terms and be focused on the problem of the self and the universal.


You are most likely to feel insecure due to a feeling of being exposed to the world.  You subconsciously perceive that the automatic projection of your identity into the world is dangerous, in that it may reveal things about yourself that you may not want revealed.  Therefore, you set up a defense mechanism to block or filter the projection of your self and personality.  This defense may take the form of a withdrawal (most likely if you have a twelfth house Sun), thus leading to secrecy, false humility, deception or a weak personality.  Or, it may take the form of constructing a false front, a public persona that is always “positive” and never reveals anything about the inner person.  You can thus appear strong and extroverted, but the persona is simply a mask to hide a self that you do not feel comfortable projecting to others.  Any attempt to get behind the mask or to touch on what is real will elicit a defensive response from you.

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Sun sextile Ascendant     You have Opportunities for Self-Projection and Integration         of Your Identity

The Sun sextile Ascendant symbolizes the ease with which the essential beingness of your personality is expressed to the outside world.  You also have a lot of opportunity to integrate the various facets of your personality into a whole that is compatible with how you feel about yourself at your core.  Often, you will have a directness of expression and be unhesitating in expressing yourself.  The qualities of the personality derived from your Sun sign are, thus, very likely to be apparent to others.

If either the Sun or the Ascendant has a difficult aspect from another planet, the sextile suggests that you have opportunities to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  If the Sun is involved in a difficult aspect with another planet, chances are that bringing the problem to a higher level of integration will be instrumental in reaching a solution to the problem associated with the difficult aspect.  Your ability to project a positive persona may also be helpful in dealing with the difficulty.   If the difficult aspect is to the Ascendant, then inner strength, a strong sense of your own identity or clear and illuminating insight may help you to overcome the issues that you face that are associated integrating your psyche or projecting your personality.

Transcendent Potential

            You have an opportunity to actualize your transcendent potential in ways described under “Sun conjunct Ascendant” but you must grasp and pursue the opportunity or it will be forever lost.


            It is easy for you to establish defense mechanisms similar to those described under “Sun conjunct Ascendant.”  Doing so, you lose the opportunity to develop an integrated psyche and project yourself honestly to the world.

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Sun square Ascendant      You are Challenged to Integrate and Project Your Identity

With the Sun squaring the Ascendant, you generally find it difficult to integrate and project your identity through your personality.  Your Sun is likely to be placed at or near the fourth or tenth house.  Consequently, you may be pulled toward one of two intensities—either an intense attachment to family and roots (if your Sun is in the fourth house) or an intense involvement with ambition and the stage of the world (if your Sun is in the tenth house.  (Is the Sun is in the third or ninth house and not conjunct the Nadir or Midheaven, your issues may be involvement in the immediate, ordinary world or a questing for whatever is over the horizon, respectively.)   Neither role leaves you much room for finding yourself and projecting your real nature. 

In the first case, you may project an image associated with your involvement in a personal environment (such as family), but your real self is guarded from public view.  You may not even recognize that your true self is different from your adopted role.  You tend to integrate your personality around externals, rather than your own identity.  The same dynamics apply when Sun is near the zenith, except that here the role which substitutes for the self is much more public.  It is your accomplishments, rather than your inner self, that you show to the world. 

Your challenge is to get beyond role and find your own identity.  Once found, you then need to overcome any fear or inhibition or habit that prevents you from projecting your self-identity as your personality.  If you can do this, then you display to others a strong and authentic personality.  If you fail to discover your real identity, you remains trapped in the roles associated with the fourth (or third) or tenth (or ninth) house.

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Sun squared the Ascendant is achieved when you confront the role-boundness of your personality and recognize that these roles are not your real self.  In recognizing that you are only playing a part on the stage of life and that the role that you project is another covering for the Self, you take the first step toward recognizing your authentic Self.  This divorcing of role from identity is a breakthrough that allows you to find the real meaning of the Self.  The result of this work is that both your authentic Self and your persona are strengthened because both are approached and known by you with full consciousness.


            You know, subconsciously, that the role that you play and that you consciously conceive of as being who you are blocks and conflicts with who you really are.  At the same time, you are insecure about your own identity, independent from the role that you take on as your persona, and so you feel guilty, fearful and ashamed of who you are.  The mask of your persona is impenetrable, but inwardly you are conflicted about your own identity.  Therefore, your behavior may be contradictory and unpredictable as your suppressed identity sabotages the goals of your persona.  You may feel trapped by your role but, if this role is challenged in any way, you react strongly to protect the ego that is attached to it, for you fear that your real self may be exposed. 

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Sun trine Ascendant         Your Self-Identity is Harmoniously Integrated and Projected

Your self-concept is harmoniously integrated with the various elements of your psyche and personality.  It is, therefore, relatively easy for you to feel whole.  This feeling is likely to be reflected in a positively projected personality, one that displays a harmonious nature.  The ease with which you are able to project your personality inclines you toward extroversion, although other factors in the chart manifest as an introverted streak.

If either the Sun or the Ascendant has a difficult aspect from another planet, the trine suggests a way for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  Becoming more self-integrated or more positively projecting your personality can usually help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect (if it is to the Sun).  You can usually turn to your inner strength, a strong sense of your own identity or illuminating insight to help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect is to the Ascendant.

Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Sun trine the Ascendant is actualized when your identity is integrated in the wholeness of your psyche in complete harmony.  This occurs at its highest level when the Real Self is actualized and becomes the focal point for your consciousness.  You also easily and harmoniously actualize the transcendent potential described under “Sun conjunct Ascendant.”


            If you are insecure about your identity, then it is all too easy to rely upon your persona to substitute for your selfhood.  It also becomes easy for you to express those insecurities as described under “Sun conjunct Ascendant.”

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Sun opposed Ascendant           Orientation toward Other

This aspect magnifies the qualities of Sun in Seventh House.  You tend to obtain much of your self-identity from others and to be especially concerned with relationship matters.  The placement on the Descendant itself suggests duality and opposition, since the Sun (self) is primarily concerned with other in the seventh house (even if the Sun is located in the sixth house, its conjunction with the Descendant still symbolizes the self-other oppositional dynamic). This is not a strong placement for the projection of your personality, except that your personality can shine when engaging in one-on-one relationships.  The Sun’s opposition to the Ascendant suggests the potential for you to be conflicted about projecting your self-identity through your persona.  You are prone to take your self-worth and self-identity too much from other people and, therefore, may not have a clear enough idea about your own identity to feel comfortable in projecting it strongly. 

You are likely to be faced with the issue of developing a strong sense of being, independent of others.  You can give only what you have and, in order to be real in a meaningful relationship, you must be present to yourself.  If you develop this strong sense of self, then you can more fully develop that self by engaging in relationships. 

Whether from a position of strength or a position of dependency, you are likely to spend much energy and attention on relationships with others.  Prime relationships (marriage, business partnership) will be very important in your life.  Because your psyche is likely to be integrated around your need for relationship, you will tend to see all spheres of life as opportunities to meet and get to know other people.  You will also tend to be concerned with issues involving balance, fairness and harmony--all important in the conduct of healthy relationships.  Especially, you may be concerned with keeping the proper balance between the needs of self and the demands of others. 

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Sun opposed the Ascendant will be realized when you have learned sublimate your ego.  You realize the importance of relationships and are sensitive to the feelings of others.  You have a strong sense of "we", which makes cooperation easy for you.  Imbued with the belief that "no man is an island", you radiate your personality to whomever you engage in relationship. 

When you take this quality beyond the social dimension, "other" becomes "Other" and you begin an eternal relationship with  Divine Beloved.  In this relationship, the ego must be totally given up and you must learn to merge yourself into another Being.  You then see the reality of temporal relationships, but also see that the spark of the Divine is within everyone.  Thus, wherever you look, there is your Beloved.


Feeling that you have no identity outside of a relationship, you place undo importance on your relationships.  You are prone to developing low self-esteem syndrome, and to seeing your identity merely as a reflection of your partner.  Taking your identity from your relationships, you have a tendency to form dependencies on others.  This further debilitates your self-esteem, especially if the relationship is not a positive one.

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