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The Sun aspecting the Midheaven brings the self-identity function (symbolized by the Sun) in contact with the ego/super-ego complex (symbolized by the Midheaven).  A positive Sun-Midheaven aspect is generally considered to be favorable, since it suggests that your identity supports the goals of the super-ego (i.e., success).  A positive Sun-Midheaven contact often indicates an empowerment of the super-ego and its goals, as well.  Likewise, a negative Sun-Midheaven contact is generally considered to be unfortunate since, in that case, your identity and self-esteem would usually inhibit you achieving super-ego defined success in life. 

The dynamic between the Sun and Midheaven functions is generally strong.  You are likely to be focused, either positively or negatively, on the goals of your super-ego.  In fact, your super-ego has probably played a major role in the shaping of your identity. 


         CONJUNCT       SEXTILE     SQUARE


          TRINE             OPPOSED



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Sun conjunct Midheaven    You Are Strongly Identified with Your Ego/Super-ego                                                          

This aspect is generally considered to be favorable since it places the Sun (the self) in a strong position denoting self-confidence and success.  From the standpoint of self-actualization, however, this may be considered to be a more difficult aspect.  With the Sun conjunct the Midheaven, you tend to develop a self-identify that is in accordance with the expectations that society places on its members and you tend to adopt the standards of success that are commonly agreed upon.  Sun conjunct Mid-heaven may also symbolize the strong influence of a father on your self-concept. 

You generally have a strong drive to achieve the acceptance and approval of your super-ego.  In conforming your identity to those characteristics and attitudes that are rewarded in society/culture with acclaim and success, you are more likely than most to achieve through your accomplishments, status, respect and responsibility.  Of course, the degree of achievement will differ for each individual (everyone cannot be at the top of the social ladder), but within your relative sphere, you are likely to occupy a place of respect and authority. 

The danger, spiritually, of course, is that you identify yourself as the sum of your accomplishments.  Having the blessing of your super-ego, your individual ego is likely to feel positive about itself and its role in life.  Self-confidence and a host of socially approved and important virtues—such as drive, ambition, work ethic, responsibility, determination and the ability to accomplish things—are likely to mark your personality and self-image.  You are likely to view the world and your place in the world from a position of strength and success is likely to be achieved by you more often than not.

Transcendent Potential:

The transcendent potential of the Sun conjunct the Midheaven is realized when you have seen through and transcended the version of the super-ego that your culture, upbringing and society have fashioned.  You have sought a higher order and a higher Law to guide your spirit in its quest for self-realization.  You have turned your attention to the Eternal and have sought after the accomplishments of the Spirit.  You have, thus, redefined the concept of success.  Success in worldly terms is of little importance to you compared to the successful authentication of your self.


If you are too attached to your own personal ego, you may feel that the demands of the super-ego are too confining and overpowering.  Or, if your ego is weak or stressed, you may feel that you cannot possibly measure up to the expectations associated with the super-ego.  This result may be particularly common when a domineering father has been present in your childhood.  Instead of success, therefore, you may face constant failure in life.  You feel trapped, enslaved and oppressed by your circumstances and by the demands and expectations of society.  You may try to escape these demands through rebellion, irresponsibility or a pattern of failure.

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Sun sextile Midheaven              You Have Opportunities for Accomplishment

Sun sextile the Midheaven symbolizes opportunities for you to achieve your goals particularly when these goals are in conformity with the values associated with the super-ego.  Often, these opportunities involve control of or benefit from the resources and talents of others (Sun in eighth house), cooperation with a partner (Sun in seventh house), groups or organizations promoting the social welfare (Sun in eleventh house), institutions or (negatively) deceitful tactics (Sun in twelfth house).  If the conscious-ness of you are so directed, the values represented by the super-ego may be transcended (especially with Sun in the twelfth house), giving you opportunities to accomplish your goals in the spiritual realm.

If either the Sun or the Midheaven has a difficult aspect from another planet, the sextile suggests that you have opportunities to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  If the Sun is involved in a difficult aspect with another planet, chances are that focus and goal-orientation will be instrumental in reaching a solution to the problem associated with the difficult aspect.  Applying the values of your super-ego may also be helpful in dealing with the difficulty.   If the difficult aspect is to the Midheaven, then inner strength, a stronger sense of your own identity or clear and illuminating insight may help you to overcome the issues that you face that are associated with confusion, illusion, self-delusion or chaos.

Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Sun sextile the Midheaven is reached when opportunities to redefine success are grasped.  This entails embarking on the process of individuation, separating your self-identity from the collective consciousness and, particularly, the dictates of the super-ego.  In the end, you freely choose to embody the positive values of the super-ego, but you have become a whole person who is no longer conditioned by the super-ego.  You have replaced its material goals with spiritual goals that conform to a Higher Law.


            Because you do not believe in yourself and are insecure about your own identity, you have failed to take advantage of the opportunities for success with which life has presented you.  The loss is yours.  At a deeper level, you fear the destruction of your ego and, so, you have ignored opportunities to redefine success along spiritual lines, being content with a level of “success” that is existentially meaningless.

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Sun square Midheaven       Your Self-identity Conflicts with the Your Ego/Super-ego                                                      

This is a common aspect for those with Sun near the Ascendant or Descendant.  Thus, it tends to be associated with a strong need for either individuality or partnership.  The square suggests that these needs may block you from pursuing super-ego sanctioned goals.  Alternatively, if you pursue success and the approval of your super-ego, you are likely to forgo the development of a healthy self-identity or your relationships. 

In the case of Ascendant-side squares, your sense of personal identity is likely to conflict with the expectations and norms, both internal and external, derived from your super-ego.  Your desire for personal autonomy may be such that it stands in the way of the kind of social cooperation that is normally required in order to achieve status and recognition within society.  The Ascendant-side square may also indicate that you have a non-conformist or rebellious tendency, especially if there is a strong outer-planet influence on the Sun.  The conflict between your selfhood and the super-ego derived expectations that you feel are placed on you may also manifest as conflict between you and your father or with authority-invested institutions. 

In the case of the Descendant-side square, your relationship with your partner, or your desire for relationship, may inhibit your motivation to accomplish those goals associated with your super-ego derived ambitions.  Sometimes, due to dependency on a relationship, your ego may not be strong enough to carry out the work of the super-ego.  Thus, you may appear to be lacking in motivation and drive, and to be ignoring the pursuit of success.  Alternatively, you may possess sufficient desire for accomplishment and success, but be hindered by obstructions either created by your partner or by your own attachment to your involvement in a relationship. 

For some, the demands of the super-ego will be so strong that they cannot be ignored, and in these cases the square symbolizes this tension and drive.  You will be forced to try to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving success and you will work very hard toward this goal.  This may cause you to sacrifice your identity/autonomy or your relationships, however.

Transcendent Potential

You have redefined your concepts of success and accomplishment to a higher level, seeking the Highest Good.  Worldly failure and frustration may have contributed to your arriving at the conclusion that this higher good is not to be found within the traditional context of socially sanctioned goals and norms.  You consequently have bent your efforts to achieving something of real value, an eternal treasure of the heart.  You find that, here too, there are obstacles, chiefly created by your attachments to your own personal identity and/or your attachments to others.  However, you struggle to overcome these, keeping your goal ever in mind.


You feel that adopting or conforming to the dictates of the super-ego is a threat to your own identity and/or your relationships.  In the case of an Ascendant-side square, you are more likely to openly resist authority and respectability, adopting an independent, self-expressive course that is in conflict with the expectations derived from your super-ego.  Even though this leads to failure in your endeavors, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are your own person.  In the case of the Descendant-side square, you are more likely to withdraw into your relationship(s), protecting yourself from having to test yourself against the standards of accomplishment and success associated with the super-ego.
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Sun trine Midheaven          Your Self-identity is in Harmony with your Ego/Super-ego                                                  

This aspect generally indicates that your sense of inner, personal identity is well integrated with your sense of what is expected of you by the society in which you live.  These expectations have formed your public ego and they motivate you to succeed in socially approved ways.  You should experience little conflict between being true to yourself and being a productive member of society.  Thus, you are able to maintain a “healthy” ego.  You may also discover that your personal attributes, grounded in your self-identity, aid you in the pursuit of your outward goals.  The only danger evident in this aspect is that you may become too distracted by easy material success and neglect the development of your inner, spiritual life.

If either the Sun or the Midheaven has a difficult aspect from another planet, the trine suggests a way for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  Becoming more attuned to the dictates of your super-ego can usually help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect (if it is to the Sun).  You can also take comfort in your successes and your respected status within society if you experience stresses or shocks to your identity.  You can usually turn to your inner strength, a strong sense of your own identity or illuminating insight to help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect is to the Midheaven.

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Sun opposed Midheaven       Your Self-identity and Ego/Super-ego Complex are at Polar                                                 

Here the Sun is conjunct the Nadir in the chart (the fourth house cusp), and so your identity is strongly associated with fourth house matters rather than tenth house matters.  You are likely to have strong preferences for privacy and domesticity, to the point that you are uncomfortable in the more public roles associated with career and socially visible accomplishment.  You may find that, in order to achieve the balance of psychic wholeness, you need to cultivate more attention to the needs of the super-ego and take on more responsibility for accomplishing what is held to be meaningful in terms of an individual’s contribution to society.  There may be some lessons for you to learn that are associated with a need to humbly accept your dharma.  You should recognize that “all the world is a stage” and the role that you take, whether private or public, is simply acting on that stage.

If you have planets strongly placed in the tenth house, particularly if they are opposed to the Sun, you are likely to experience conflict between your public and private life.  Examples of such conflict may be between domestic and career responsibilities, privacy and public exposure or family and your career desires.  Your challenge will be to balance and reconcile these differences.

Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Sun opposed the Midheaven is realized when you have redefined both your concept of success and your concept of identity.  As long as these both are functioning at the personal (i.e., ego) level, there will always be conflict.  When you have set spiritual goals for yourself, then you realize that the achievement of these goals (Midheaven) demands that you seek your Real Identity at the roots of your Being (Sun conjunct Nadir).  You also realize that an authentic self has responsibilities to others and to life in general that it must fulfill in a public role.  Only by acting without thought for ego-reward can you achieve the goals of a wholly authentic identity and a fulfilled public life.


            You are continually in conflict because your insecure identity does not want to expose itself in the public arena and, therefore, resists those duties and obligations that your super-ego calls upon you to meet.  You “want to have your cake and eat it, too” in the sense that you would like to be successful, but you do not want to shoulder the personal risks and responsibilities that are necessary to achieve success.  You, therefore, remain inwardly torn and outwardly a failure.

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