Depth Astrology: A Handbook
by Gargatholil

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The Sun aspecting the Part of Fortune brings the self-identity function (symbolized by the Sun) in contact with your good fortune.  If the aspect is positive, this is generally considered to be a very favorable aspect.  This is especially true because of the importance of the Sun in the astrological chart.  The relationship between your self-identity and your good fortune suggests your capacity to feel worthy of your good fortune and incorporate your receipt of good fortune into your self-concept.  This is the case with conflicting aspects, as well, except that the focus is a negative one. 

The Sun symbolizes the virile paternal masculine psychological archetype, the Sky Father.  The Sky Father symbolizes the source of creativity and life force and is associated with Being.  A contact with the Part of Fortune can signify that creativity and life force are associated, psychologically, with your good fortune.  It also suggests an empowerment of your good fortune through this archetype.




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Sun conjunct Part of Fortune   You Strongly Identify with Good Fortune in Life

You closely identify yourself with the energy and focus of your “good fortune”.  The fruits of your good karmas are generally self-evident and you, therefore, are prone to feel “lucky.”  The energy symbolized by the Sun should strengthen the role that good fortune plays in your life.  Normally, good fortune will shine on you and you will shine with the self-confidence that this feeling of good fortune brings.  Thus, the positive elements of your identity, symbolized by the Sun’s sign placement, are likely to be accentuated.

Sun conjunct the Part of Fortune often symbolizes, not only a feeling of good fortune, but the presence of good fortune in your life.  Life’s events often produce fortunate circumstances for you.  You may also have a very clear sense of where your good fortune is to be found, resulting in your being attracted to it. 

Your good fortune may not always be evident, however.  Sometimes, our good fortune is not what we might choose in the short term.  Whether evident or not, you must appreciate your good fortune and be grateful for whatever fortune brings to you.  If you rely excessively on your luck or the promise of good fortune, you can develop qualities of ingratitude and laziness.  This will only cause you to miss opportunities and, more importantly, to fail to enjoy your good fortune as fully as you might.

Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Sun conjunct the Part of Fortune is realized when you conceive that true good fortune lies in the spiritual domain.  You have realized that material good fortune is temporary—lasting a lifetime at best.  You, therefore, have sought a more real and lasting fortune and this you have found within.  The transformation of your concept of good fortune has simultaneously allowed you to transform your self-concept and to find your true identity.  Thus, in actualizing your True Self, you have reaped the greatest good fortune possible.


            With the Sun conjunct the Part of Fortune, your ego’s insecurity can be expressed in one of two ways.  You may be attracted to and become absorbed in your apparent good fortune to the neglect of your higher fortune.  This is simply the ego’s defense against achieving anything of greatness that may require sacrifice.  Of course, the great good fortune of spiritual realization requires the ego to give up the illusion of its own importance and even its existence, which the insecure ego fears to do.  Instead, you take the easy path, expecting good fortune to happen to you, making little effort to obtain it, failing to express gratitude when it occurs and complaining about life and your bad luck if the good fortune you expect and demand is not handed to you.

            At a level of deeper personal insecurity, which may be symbolized by a difficult aspect to the Sun-Part of Fortune, you may inwardly feel that you are not worthy of good fortune in life.  Subconsciously, you may sabotage your chances to receive the good fortune that is your due.  If something good happens to you, you may undervalue it or you may fear that it will not last.  In any case, your insecurities prevent you from enjoying any good fortune.

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Sun sextile Part of Fortune    You Have Opportunities to Achieve Good Fortune in Life

   You are presented with opportunities throughout your life that result in your “good fortune.”  The sextile signifies an easy access to the fruits of your good karmas and an ability to employ them.  While these opportunities may exist, you must pursue them actively.  You should be able to readily identify those opportunities that will bring you good fortune, as shown symbolically by the light of the Sun falling upon the Part of Fortune.  Just what “good fortune” means to you, whether material abundance or spiritual wealth, will be determined by your level of consciousness.

If either the Sun or the Part of Fortune has a difficult aspect from another planet, the sextile suggests that you have opportunities to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  If the Sun is involved in a difficult aspect with another planet, chances are that good fortune coming from the area of life symbolized by the Part of Fortune’s house placement will be instrumental in resolving or ameliorating the problem associated with the difficult aspect.  If the difficult aspect is to the Part of Fortune, then inner strength, a strong sense of your own identity or clear and illuminating insight may help you face an apparently difficult fate and/or appreciate the good of what has occurred in your life.

Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Sun sextile the Part of Fortune is realized when you conceive of your good fortune in spiritual terms and you take those opportunities that are presented to you to pursue this good fortune.  By actively treading the spiritual path, which also results in a transformation of your self-identity, you come to realize more and more the tremendous good fortune that has been conferred on you in this life.  Your gratitude and appreciation grow and as your appreciation grows, so does your joy and your spiritual good fortune.


            You keep expecting good fortune to be handed to you, but you are too insecure to take any action to obtain it.  You may fear risking failure or you may see yourself as weak and unworthy.  Whatever the cause, the result is that you completely miss the opportunity to derive the benefit of the good fortune that awaits you if you would grasp the opportunity.

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Sun square Part of Fortune     You Are Challenged to Achieve Good Fortune in Life

   Sun square the Part of Fortune is traditionally perceived as a very “bad” aspect.  The square suggests that good fortune does not come easily for you.  In fact, you may feel that you have been “born under a bad sign.”  This may result in frustration, envy and or self-pity.  Alternatively, your run of “bad luck” may be motivated you to try even harder to bring about your own good fortune.   Thus, you may develop the character and stamina that ultimately results in your good fortune.

Sometimes, even when ostensible good fortune occurs, its end may be hardship or challenging circumstances.  You are challenged to rise above your circumstances and perceptions of “good and bad” fortune.  This may prompt you to adopt a stoic or an existential attitude toward life.  If you do not rise to the challenge in some way, you are likely to be crushed under the weight of disappointment and bitterness.  Then, whatever difficulties you may have are magnified and you fail to perceive and enjoy what good fortune you do have.

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Sun square the Part of Fortune is actualized when you realize that what the world calls good fortune is a cause of ultimate pain.  You, then, seek your good fortune within yourself, spiritually.  If you are truly fortunate, you may find a spiritual guide who will help you to meet the challenges of life and see the good fortune in everything that happens to you.  You, thus, adopt a road which is challenging in its own right, but which leads to true fortune.


            You are so overwhelmed with your “bad luck” that you do not even try to pursue the good fortune that is indicated by the house placement of the Part of Fortune.  If you should try to go after your good fortune, you are quickly met with obstacles and disappointments and, so, you abandon the effort with bitterness and fear.  You may subconsciously feel unworthy of good fortune or you may fear what it will bring.  Your ego perversely prefers to remain steeped in its own self-pity and envy.  You identify with your “bad luck” and this becomes a sort of pride.  If good fortune were to happen to you, you would not know what to do and you would probably throw it away in fear or ingratitude.

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Sun trine Part of Fortune      Compatibility with the Expression of Good Fortune in Life

Your basic nature and personality is compatible with the energy and focus of your “good fortune.”  The trine signifies an easy access to the fruits of your good karmas and an ability to employ them.  You generally appreciate your good luck, as well.  This makes your good fortune even more enjoyable.  The energy symbolized by the Sun should strengthen the role of good fortune in your life.  Your easy access to good fortune may cause you to rely excessively on your luck.  If this is the case, you will be prone to develop the qualities of ingratitude and laziness. 

If either the Sun or the Part of Fortune has a difficult aspect from another planet, the trine suggests a way for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  Realizing your good fortune or pursuing the direction suggested by the Part of Fortune’s house placement can usually help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect (if it is to the Sun).  If the difficult aspect is to the Part of Fortune, you can usually turn to your inner strength, a strong sense of your own identity or illuminating insight to help you face an apparently difficult fate and/or appreciate the good of what has occurred in your life.

Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Sun trine the Part of Fortune is actualized when you realize that, as easy as it may be to experience worldly fortune, the real good fortune is to be found spiritually.  Once this realization occurs, your concept of self and its identity is transformed and it becomes easy for you to pursue your spiritual good fortune, which is within you.  The result is peace and harmony and the actualization of your Real Self.


Because good fortune seems to come to you easily, you take no risks in order to obtain anything better.  You may fear losing what you have if you take any risk or you may subconsciously feel that you are not worthy of anything better than you have received without effort.  If you are very insecure in your identity, you may even feel that you do not deserve any good fortune and, as a result, you cannot feel grateful for what life has given to you.

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Sun quincunx                            Your Self-Identity and Good Fortune are in a Critical

     Part of Fortune                  Relationship 

Your identity and your experience of good fortune tend to operate independently within your psyche.  Whatever good fortune you may experience in your life is not well integrated with your self-image or identity.  Because of the disconnection with your good fortune, you may not recognize your good fortune and, thus, lack the virtue of gratitude.  You may be dissatisfied to a degree that is disproportionate to your circumstances.  It is often the case that your early upbringing failed to instill in you an appreciation for the good fortune that you experienced in life.  The feeling of not partaking in the fortunate circumstances that you see others enjoying may have a negative effect on your personality. 

Even if no problems exist with regard to your perception of good fortune, the quincunx suggests that there is a need for you to purify or transform either your identity or your concept of good fortune.  The other function would then act as a catalyst for this process.  Generally, it will be your concept of good fortune that must change, but often, in order to accomplish this, your self-concept must transform, also.

From time to time, crisis will occur in your life.  These crises will be brought about by your failure to integrate your fortune and your identity.  This dissonance or disconnect may induce you to take certain actions with negative consequences.  These consequences may then result in crisis, forcing you to sacrifice in order to resolve the crisis.  The crisis may involve an identity crisis. 

You are generally caught in a dilemma of your own making, with no easy or pleasant way out.  You are called upon in a critical time frame to realize that you are blessed with good fortune and give thanks.  In this way, the self is purified or, if you are not willing to humble yourself, you can expect a similar crisis to occur again in your life. 

Another mode that the crisis may take is that, after failing to experience of good fortune, you are presented with an opportunity for great good fortune occurring under crisis circumstances.  In order to reap the benefit of good fortune, you must be true to yourself. This places you in a dilemma, however. For being true to yourself may not be what appears to lead to the “good fortune” presented to you, nor is the “good fortune” necessarily what it appears to be.  But if you make the right moral choice, you will experience your reward.

If you successfully meet your challenge, you will progress to a new level of consciousness and understanding.  You will then be able to see good fortune all around you and you will realize that you have good fortune in abundance and be grateful.  On the other hand, should you fail to face the moment of truth, you will continue to experience unpleasant crises, similar to the one which you avoided resolving.  Hopefully, you will have learned a lesson that can motivate you to transform yourself so that you can reap the good fortune that is yours to enjoy.

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Sun quincunx the Part of Fortune is realized when you transform your concept of good fortune and, also, begin to realize your True Self.  In order to do this, you have had to face the truth about yourself and why you have experienced the particular fortune that has been yours.  Only when you view your fortune in the light of spirituality will your experience make sense to you as Divinely gifted.  You then experience intense gratitude and love for what has been given to you, not the least of which is the realization of your own True nature.


You have chosen to protect your ego rather than look squarely at yourself and the good fortune that is yours but which you have denied.  Consequently, you continue to get into serious difficulties resulting from your failure to see or deal with the negative patterns that you are holding onto from your past experience or past lives.  You sink deeper and deeper into these patterns until they become self-destructive and you are unable to escape.  You have wallowed in ingratitude or opportunistically sought your fortune at others’ expense.  Your negativity plunges you into crisis after crisis, but you are only concerned with extricating yourself from the mess rather than attempting to resolve the real problems.  There is always hope, however, that a crisis will provoke you to “see the light.”

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Sun opposed Part    Your Self-Identity and Sense of Good Fortune are at Polar Extremes
of Fortune

Sun opposed the Part of Fortune is traditionally viewed as an unfortunate aspect.  That which provides you with a sense of good fortune is opposite what you would conceive it to be if it were consistent with your self-image. Typically, this dynamic will manifest as conflict, both internal and external, as you have both an attraction for and an antipathy towards the area of life indicated by your Part of Fortune’s house placement and, possibly, even towards good fortune itself.   You may feel that you must choose either to be true to yourself or to pursue opportunities that may be benefit you.  You may see yourself as confronted by painful choices—to be happy or to be yourself. 

If your internal conflict is externalized, then you may experience what appears to be bad luck and ill fortune.  Or, you may be attracted to opportunities for good fortune, but be unable to reach for them.  In any case, it is likely that you see your fortune (or potential fortune) staring you in the face and, try as you might, you cannot ignore it.

If you see yourself as always being on the opposite side of fortune’s favor, then you may feel morose, pessimistic or even depressed.  You may think that you have no good luck at all.  In actuality, however, everyone has some benefit and good fortune in life, and you must simply bring yourself out of yourself in order to experience it.  This may be a call for you to be less selfish, or at least less self-preoccupied.  When you allow yourself to feel your good fortune, though not necessarily to be identified with it, you begin to achieve a balance that will bring real well-being and allow you to proceed in a direction that will bring real good fortune.

Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Sun opposed the Part of Fortune is realized when you achieve a balance between your identity and your concept of good fortune by transforming both onto a higher level.  You see that real good fortune is spiritually derived and the ego-self is an illusion.  Thus, in order to experience real good fortune, the ego-self must be opposed, for if it remains dominant it will prevent you from achieving the highest good.  The house placement of your Part of Fortune suggests the direction in which you need to work, spiritually.  When this is done, elements of your unfolding good fortune naturally complement and are seen to be a part of your real inner self.  Only at that transcendent level are your good fortune and your Self truly one.


            Being unable to obtain what you conceive to be good fortune without sacrifice and/or the suppression of your ego (through humility or humiliation), you are tortured with inner pain.  You are envious of others’ good fortune and unappreciative of your own.  Feeling that good fortune is denied to you, you can feel unworthy or incompetent.  Your ego will generally try to protect itself against such self-abasing feelings by subconsciously erecting defense mechanisms.  These, typically, are of three types—confrontation, suppression or projection.

            If confrontation is employed as a defense mechanism, you are likely to be misanthropic and puritanical.  You perversely see good fortune as something tainted or trivial.  Because you believe that you do not have it, you would rather spurn the idea of good fortune and happiness and, in this way, take pride in your adversity.

            If suppression is employed, you will either suppress your own identity in order to pursue your good fortune or you will block out any conscious concern for your good fortune.  If the first approach is used, you may be opportunistic and unprincipled in the pursuit of your self-interest, since you have abandoned being true to yourself.  Your unscrupulous efforts are particularly directed toward the area symbolized by the house placement of your Part of Fortune.  If your sense of good fortune is suppressed, you may simply be unmotivated and overly content with your lot, or you may be destructively oblivious to what is good for you.

            Projection is probably the most common defense mechanism, for it affords you an opportunity to vicariously participate in the aura of good fortune.  You are likely to be attracted to someone who appears to be extremely fortunate.  You may idolize this person but, in reality, you are simply hoping that some of his/her good fortune will rub off on you or, at least, that your own identity can bask in his/her fortunate glow.  It is often the case, that you may demand, psychologically, that the other person bring you good fortune or share his/her good fortune with you.  If your expectations are not met, then you may become vicious and vindictive against your partner or idol.

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